Photo of Viren Rathod

Viren Rathod

Neuroscience: Volunteer Coordinator

Having already experience in volunteering for a specialised Alzheimer tertiary care centre and an open,easy to talk to personality, I am well prepared for the challenges that face this role. Understanding the dynamics of our healthcare system and the strain placed upon certain areas, my enthusiasm to support not only the system providing care but also the people affected , will ensure I continually devote my time and energy . I have good rapport with my cohort and know that a person of my ability and renown will be able provide an unparalleled success in liaising with and managing the coordination of our volunteers. My organisational and communication skills will prove to be one of the foundations on my success in this role. Having experience in a managerial role, I understand the importance of efficient planning,logistics and being affable in order to accomplish the goal set . However at this core of this role is the passion and desire to help others, with the opportunity to utilise my wide array of skills, I know I will able to excel in this role.With this position,I will expand the current reach of Neuroscience and want to develop better connections to a wider range of establishments within the Healthcare system.