Photo of Viraj Shah

Viraj Shah

Neuroscience: Volunteer Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Viraj, I’m a first-year medical student and I would be delighted to apply for the role of volunteer co-ordinator for Imperial College Neuroscience Society. As an individual who is motivated by the challenge of organising such a rewarding and impactful scheme for students to get more involved with volunteering, I believe this is the role for me.

I believe that, through my experience as the sponsorship lead for Imperial MedTech as well through the subcommittee of Surgical Society & Clinical Genetics Society, I have worked extensively with other committees in co-ordinating events. I believe this has shaped my time management, organisational and liaison-communication abilities which I hope to put to use in this role. In addition, being a fresher representative for Neuroscience Society itself has already given me the necessary experience of how this committee co-operates to run its respective schemes, events and conferences.

If elected, I would propose to liaise more heavily with other Imperial societies that could contribute to the volunteering scheme in alternative ways including arts societies (where students could perform for patients at the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability), ensure communication with the hospital is early and timely so as to allow opportunities for students to volunteer around their own busy schedules and communicate more effectively with the publicity team to ensure all students are aware of the benefits of getting involved.

Thank you for reading my manifesto – I hope to contribute to make this society even better than it already is!