Photo of Varja Cuculovic

Varja Cuculovic

Neuroscience: Volunteer Coordinator


I’m Varja, a first year MBBS student, and I’m excited to be standing as the volunteer coordinator for Neuroscience society:)

Neuroscience is one of the most interesting and thus biggest societies at Imperial. That means there is a lot of work to be done, and a lot of people happy to do the work and learn about neuroscience.
The role of the volunteer coordinator is crucial to ensure people’s skills and talent are put to use effectively.

Here’s Varja’s vision for the Neuroscience society volunteer coordinator:

With my experience coordinating volunteers as the Human Resources coordinator of Youth for Climate Justice Slovenia and Head-Organiser of events for European Youth Parliament Slovenia, I know the issues that arise in coordinating people in big organisation. I want to use my experience to avoid pitfalls such as ineffective distribution of work and poor inter-team coomunication.

I want to further develop the system of tracking long term volunteer needs. Knowing how many volunteers were needed and what coordinating mistakes we’ve made in the past is essential to get the most effective use of manpower. To do this, I want to consult the senior members of the society and establish a more automated volunteer managing platform.

Research shows that volunteers work best on things they enjoy, not just things they know well. One of my personal goals would be to give every volunteer not just the opportunity to learn new skills alongside more experienced volunteers.