Photo of Rena Darbar

Rena Darbar

Neuroscience: Volunteer Coordinator

Hi, I’m Rena and I’m running for Volunteer Coordinator for Neuroscience Committee.

As Conference Secretariat this year I have really enjoyed getting more involved in Neuroscience Society by working with the rest of Conference Committee to organise and run the Conference successfully. I believe the organisation and communication skills I developed in my role this year, as well as in my role as ICSM Ladies Hockey Secretary, will help me to maintain a strong relationship with our contacts at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability to continue to provide volunteering opportunities.

Having been part of Paediatrics Society Playteam for 2 years and a volunteer at a respite centre for individuals with neurological conditions I believe I would be a good point of contact for the members who wish to volunteer or would like to know more about the opportunity, as well as for the Hospital to liaise with professionally. Both volunteering and neuroscience are things I have a personal interest in, and I would work hard to fulfil the duties of this role to ensure others can enjoy the experience of both.

As Volunteer Coordinator I aim to strengthen our relationship with our contacts, and to work with the Hospital to secure training for our volunteers earlier in the year to allow them to gain more from the experience for a longer period of time.

I would be an enthusiastic and reliable member of the Committee and hope you will consider voting for me!