Photo of Jung-Eun Kim

Jung-Eun Kim

BioChemistry: Sponsorship Officer

Hey everyone! My name is Jung Eun Kim and I am a second year Biochemistry student. I am standing for the role of Sponsorship Officer for the the Biochemistry society. Together with Chelsea (Vice President) and Catherine (Academic Events), we want to provide our members with the best opportunities and events! Through my position as Vice President for the consultancy society, I have grown to be responsible, organized and committed, and I believe that my experiences have given me the necessary skills required to carry out the demands of this position.

My vision:
• To target and get new sponsors on board to provide our society with the widest range of opportunities. Furthermore, I am going to work closely with event officers to organize useful events to help us maintain good relationships with our current sponsors.
• My goal is to help our current sponsors organize events that provide useful information and opportunities for our society members.
• Finally, throughout my two years at Imperial, I realized that the alumni network in biochemistry society is relatively weak. By improving our alumni network, I believe that our members can get more useful advices on career and course itself.
Therefore, if given the honor of becoming sponsorship officer, I will help the society host events where our members can network and interact with biochemistry alumni who are working in our sponsor firms or other firms.
Thank you for considering me for this position and I am excited to make positive changes within the biochemistry society!