Photo of Natasha Bhole

Natasha Bhole

Mechanical Engineering: Vice Chair Alumni and Industrial Liason

I am running for the position of Vice Chair Alumni and Industrial Liaison because I appreciate the importance of creating a strong network of sponsors and industrial links for MechSoc. I believe that my previous experiences and skills developed from similar roles will help me to organise events that provide students with the information and contacts they need for the future.
As a second-year student who, like many others this year, has been dropped into the world of finding internships and considering what career paths are available after a MechEng degree, I know first-hand the need for resources like the networking events organised by MechSoc. These events give us direct exposure to both companies and people from a range of disciplines. Through this role I want to make sure that students have the best opportunities to explore all possible career options and provide them with ideal contacts for more in depth advice. I aim to encourage more Alumni to return and talk about their experiences since graduating, as well as create more events specific to key stages in the career path.
Thank you for reading my manifesto and know that I promise to strive to create a careers network that you can use throughout your degree. Vote for me and give me a chance to put my ability to talk non-stop (trust me, ask any ME2) to good use!