Photo of Champion Pongpaew

Champion Pongpaew

Computing: Hackathons and Large Events Coordinator

Hi, I’m Champion. Being first year, I have involved myself with DoCSoc in a number of events, both academic and social. This has given me great insights into the logistics and workings of the operations behind the scenes, including the how to’s of handling and managing situations.

Volunteering at events like IC Hack 20 and HealthHack has been some of my greatest experiences so far since arriving to Imperial. Seeing how organisers plan these events and having taken part in helping throughout has taught me to utilise the skills I have learnt effectively in making an event the best it can be.

Being Hackathon Coordinator, I look forward to taking on the responsibilities:

• Organising the annual IC Hack well in advance, without rushing things last minute
• Coordinating with Sponsor Liaison officers for Sponsor’s Exhibition and similar events
• Be first contact point between DoCSoc and College Events team (for logistics)
• Creating sponsorship proposals for relevant events

Having worked with many of the current committee as well as prospective committee, I already know the connections I can make use. With my experience and knowledge from being Guildsheet Editor of the CGCU, I understand what it takes to operate at a scale.

If you believe in me, vote Champion for Hackathons and Large Events Coordinator!