Photo of Thomas Cross

Thomas Cross

Working Class Officer

Hi! I’m Tom, a third year Aeronautics student.

Since signing on as a Fresher I worked my way through the Union's volunteer network from Editor of the CGCU’s magazine, Guildsheet to being the CGCU President last year. In this time I've gained a vast amount if experience in the way ICU works, sitting on Community and Welfare Board and working with various officers to try and widen participation. I've always been the staunchest of advocates for all my students - regularly challenging the Union to do better for us, and I want to keep pushing for YOU.

As Working Class Officer I'll do all I can to make sure that you'll have as fair of a chance as anyone else in your time at Imperial. Having working with college and being a part of the Faculty of Engineering's decision making I feel I have a unique insight into the opportunities for financial and academic support that is available within College for those students from less well off backgrounds.

I realise than many students still don’t feel that their Union is there for them, hence I promise
- To always be a voice at the table for you, as students, regardless of your background
- To Host regular open sessions to make sure your input is at the centre of future decision making

I will work Fight for Student Voice within ICU:
- Advocating on issues affecting all students
- Making sure the Union never silences students (it's members) again as it has this year