Photo of Samantha Yates

Samantha Yates

Working Class Officer

I am a first year biochemistry student from a working-class background, and the first to go to university in my family. My working-class background means that I am passionate about everything this role stands for, a role which Imperial desperately needs. As well as being passionate, I have great organisational skills and I am very dependable, qualities which I believe are important in this role.

As the most unequal university in the UK – 55% of undergraduate home students come from the most affluent areas (characterised by being POLAR Q5) – we have the reputation of being an elitist institute for only those from the most privileged backgrounds. If elected, I will strive to show that Imperial is not just for the most privileged. I will represent all disadvantaged students and make sure our voice is heard at Imperial.

I aim to create a supportive network of working class students to research and find solutions to the issues we face at Imperial, which range from feelings of not fitting in, to being too scared to apply for internships for the fear of being judged. I will raise these issues to the Union and Community and Welfare board, and collaborate to resolve them. I will also help improve awareness of Imperial’s Bursary. This is a great financial aid, which sadly, not many students are aware of when choosing universities.

I hope to create the solid foundations for the Working Class Officer’s future while helping resolve inequalities faced by both current and prospective students.