Photo of Grace Fisher

Grace Fisher

Working Class Officer

Statistically, not only are working class students at Imperial less likely to achieve a 1st / 2.1 in their degree, but they are also more likely to drop out from their studies. There is also a drastic imbalance in the numbers of working-class students admitted to Imperial, with 55% of home undergraduates admitted from area’s with the highest rates of participation in higher education ( POLAR Q5).

As your WCO, my goals will not only focus on encouraging prospective working class students to apply to Imperial, but to support those students already here and ensure they both complete and achieve high grades in their degrees by implementing stronger support networks for those from disadvantaged backgrounds. I will represent the students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and ensure they have a direct point of contact for any concerns they have or issues they are facing. Also, I aim to set up a ‘First Generation’ support network, supporting those students who are the first in their families to attend university, providing them with specific support and advice networks to answer any questions they may have, but feel they have no one to ask them to.

Coming from a working class background and being a first generation student, I understand how difficult and daunting the application process can be for someone who has little/no access to information and support into accessing higher education, and how out of place some of these students feel when they arrive. As your WCO, I hope to be able to change this.