Photo of Pok Kwan

Pok Kwan

Data Science: Outreach Manager

I am Adrian, a second year EEE student. I would love to be part of the committee next year and serve as the Outreach Manager for ICDSS. Data science is not only a fast-growing field with increasing applications, but also a subject that can create true impact in the work of Imperial students, where ICDSS is the best platform for it that runs insightful events rich in content.

Having been to the society’s workshops, I am amazed by the reach of events like AI Hack and the interests that are kindled in the Imperial community by events run by ICDSS. Having been key members in societies like Imperial Consulting Group and Imperial College Public Awareness and Social Service society, I believe I am capable of putting my connections, as well as event promotion and outreach skills to effective use so as to help the society build on its success and further its impact. While I am confident in supporting the society’s everyday operation and events having run large-scaled external events and consulting projects, I am able to work well with a large team on a long term like the committee of ICDSS. With prior experience in holding fundraisers and promotional campaigns, I look forward to increasing the audience of the society's events by making use of multiple promotional channels and campaigns, be it in real life or virtual.