Photo of Alex Jones

Alex Jones

RSMU: Outreach Officer

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m hoping to be elected as next year’s RSMU Outreach Officer! I’m an Earth and Planetary student originally from Cornwall, and partly joined RSM to get as far away from Camborne and their so called ‘school of mines’ as possible. I’m now on a mission to stop CSM luring any innocent, rock-loving Year Thirteens into their grasp, and instead ensure they come to the only mining school up for the job. Joking aside, I’m actually especially passionate about running for this role, here’s why:

- I’ve been involved in helping organise an RSM Planetary outreach event recently, and want to move on to organising and holding outreach events for the RSM as a whole.

- We’re great at what we do academically, but also socially- which makes life here unique, and I think it’s really important to make prospective students aware of that side of life in the RSM too.

- I’ve got past experience at organising outreach events for my college before RSM, and found them really rewarding.

I really think there aren’t many other places where you can get world class tuition one day, then the next be playing in (or cheering on at) the Bottle Match with all your friends; trusty beverage of choice in hand/down shirt. Really hope you consider voting for me to be your next Outreach Officer, if not for me, then to save the poor, innocent rock loving teens from being brainwashed to going anywhere near CSM.