Photo of Boon Liang Wong

Boon Liang Wong

Finance: Head of Alumni Network

Hey everyone! I would like to nominate myself to serve as your next FinSoc committee and to help maximise the chances of networking for all FinSoc members. Personally, I believe there is much more spaces for FinSoc to improve and grow in terms of networking events held in Imperial.

Some of my goals in terms of this positions include:

- Organise and invite more Imperial alumni working in the industrial to share their experience as well as providing a chance of networking with them privately
- Provide more networking events or panel talks(preferably starting early October) with BBs,Boutiques,EBs, BSBs, MMs and Asset Management so that there is a chance for members to interact with them and get a chance for application to be fast track.
- Collaboration with Career Services and Alumni in order to provide career advices for CV and application for committee members

I hope to help as much STEM students from Imperial to increase FinSoc’s member chances of successful application by using effective methods to enhance the networking events and help you to be better prepared.

Alongside with other members, I hope to explore available opportunities out there to improve Imperial FInSoc as well as your university experience!