Photo of Grigorii Mordkovich

Grigorii Mordkovich

Finance: Vice President - Global Markets

I will start by quickly introducing myself. I am an ambitious and resourceful individual passionate about finance. Since the first day I discovered the FInance society, I have been actively participating in all its affairs and supporting interest of members. From being the editor of the weekly “markets” newsletter, which seemingly landed in your inboxes every time to working on the Global Fintech Conference as the main representative. I am a perfect candidate for the job who not only cares about you but also perfectly understands your career needs. I have a first-hand experience of being successful applicant to the world’s top financial institutions. I have demonstrated my strong understanding of every step of the rigorous application process by obtaining offers of Spring Internship this year from the likes of JP Morgan and BlackRock and I will be looking forward to sharing all of this knowledge with our members through innovative events and presentations as well as just informal conversations. When I am chosen for this role, I will make sure to drastically improve the chances of our members getting internship and graduate work offers from the top banks, asset managers, financial advisory firms and others. It will also be my mission to equip you with superior understanding of fundamental topic in financial markets by organizing unparalleled workshops and presentations with industry experts. On top of this, I will support and work in sync with other committee members to bring you high quality experience on other fronts.