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Ryan Ho

Energy: Sponsorship Officer

My name is Ryan and I am running for Sponsorship Officer. I'm genuinely interested in Energy as I feel like energy is the unsung hero of modern society, supporting our daily lives as well as industries including automotive, aviation, manufacturing, etc. I wanted to get more involved and learn more about energy which is why I decided to run.

I have had ample experience in various committees, including the president of Robotics Academy this year and treasurer of ICTV last year. Through these experiences I have gained knowledge on how to run events, manage expenses, contact companies, etc. In particular, I worked with BP previously to promote their careers event in exchange for sponsorship. I recognise the importance of sufficient funding to the smooth running of the whole society which is why I am running for sponsorship officer.

As the sponsorship office, I aim to maintain our partnerships with BP, Glencore and Navigant while exploring new possibilities. I will contact potential energy companies like the big six in the UK as well as other smaller energy firms such as Octopus Energy and Offshore Wind Consultants. I believe that it is beneficial to our members that we have contacts across a wide range of energy companies, including start-ups and "boutique" firms. Starting from April, I will work with the marketing officer to update the proposals and make sure that the agreements are being met.

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