Photo of Quirina Rodriguez Mendez

Quirina Rodriguez Mendez

Energy: Vice President (Projects)

Hey there!

My name is Quiri and I am running for VP Projects.

I am a 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering student and have been actively involved in the Energy Society’s Wind Project. Driven by my passion for the energy sector, I will also be undertaking a UROP this summer in the nuclear energy field.

I believe the Society’s renewable energy projects are an amazing opportunity to learn and develop our skills and passion for the alternative energy. Of course, it is also a nice way to have a break from our degrees! I am determined to contribute to the progress and organisation of next year’s projects. If I am lucky enough to have your vote, I envision:

• Expanding the projects’ publicity. Members and non-members should be able to track the progress of the projects. This gives credit and instils a sense of ownership to all of those who are working hard to get the best out of wind, sun or nuclear energy. Good publicity also encourages more sponsorships, which fuels the projects further!

• Access to resources. Information should be available to all members, be it in the form of meeting minutes, key checkpoints or design updates. A track record of all design iterations is key so that projects can be carried on by successors in a streamlined and efficient way.

• Increase collaboration between the three project teams to improve idea generation and increase participation from individual team members.

Seems to be what you are looking for? Vote now!