Photo of Kriti Sapra

Kriti Sapra

Computing: Social Events Coordinator

Hi, I’m Kriti and I would love to continue being your Social Events Coordinator for 20/21.

Having slept for a grand total of 8 hours over IC Hack 19 and IC Hack 20 combined, I gained a prime insight into the different aspects of organising a huge event, from catering to branding. I feel like I have only been able to scratch the surface of the events I can put on as Social Event Coordinator for the last month or so. I hope to build on my start and make some great events happen in the future!

My key aims as Social Events Coordinator would be:

- Make sure that our annual events, such as Revel and End of Year Dinner, are held to a higher standard than ever before.
- Run more smaller social events such as movie nights, mini golf and theatre trips to encourage more people to switch off from work and go try something new!
- Run a freshers’ social so that they can make more friends within their year and interact with people who they might not normally sit with in lectures.
I hope you vote for me as your next Social Events Coordinator!