Photo of Jhia Teh

Jhia Teh

Cross Country & Athletics: Media Officer

For those who haven't met me before, I am Jhia, commonly known as Jack, and I would like to be your next media officer!

So, why pick me?
- I enjoy using social media as a tool to increase the social media presence and help spread the fantastic things that the club has done!
- I have been a member for ICXCAC for almost two years now and I am motivated to give something back to the club
- I have a lot of experience in managing social media accounts, including the current Imperial College Obstetrics and Gynaecology twitter account, facebook account and instagram account, Imperial College Medical Education society facebook acount..
- Being a 5th year medic myself, I would like to increase outreach to the medical student community at Imperial as well as the postgraduate student community
- I just love tag, hastag, @ - you know, getting the word out there...
- I want to get new students to sign up and join us! More money from memberships, more £££

What are my ideas?
- Continue social media posts for reguarly training events at the start the year, races and social events
- Bring back a new edition of ICXCAC club video intro ft. the boys and girls
- Social media giveaways? (get people tagging!)

Get in touch and let me know what you want for the club and I will try my best! #icxcac #voteTEH