Photo of Jeremy Kim

Jeremy Kim

Cross Country & Athletics: Media Officer

When I came to Imperial, I had no idea I was even going to join ICXCAC. But, the incredible atmosphere that exists here has meant that this society has grown to become one of my main commitments, sometimes even prioritising it above my course to be entirely honest! Having enjoyed almost everything ICXCAC has to offer as a fresher, I would love to play a more active role within this society next year as Media Officer and help with the running of this beautiful club, both figuratively and literally! Having attended most events this year - whether it was LUCA cross countries, the Brighton 10k or ACC - I feel I am well suited to this position as I plan to keep attending events as regularly next year, and so would be able to provide speedy and accurate updates on the various social media platforms. I would love to see the club continue to grow as it has been doing, and hope to provide everything needed for this to successfully happen.