Photo of Abderrahim Boualam

Abderrahim Boualam

Graduate Students' Union: Postgraduate Research Academic & Welfare Officer (Engineering)

Heyy, my name is Abderrahim and you can call me Abdi! I am running for the position of Academic and Welfare Officer. As a third year PhD student, I realized that research and work are more efficient and much more fun when shared with others! Did it ever happen to you to spend weeks trying to solve a question and then magically find the answer when you talk about it to a friend??

If elected I would aim to:
- Hold a new series of events aimed at getting more people involved in sharing their research to increase outreach and cross-departmental communication
- Increase social activity by running weekly socials on campus and in different venues across London (drinks, bowling, dinners…)
- Increase funding by seeking out new sponsorship opportunities

I think these aims will have a positive impact on both our research efficiency and wellbeing because these two things are actually interconnected.
Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me to ask me any questions about my ideas by contacting me at