Photo of Jinal Shah

Jinal Shah

Hindu Society: Kho-Kho Coordinator

Hi, I’m Jinal and I’d like to be your Kho-Kho Kho-ordinator! I got really involved in HSoc this year, being a proactive member on the sub-committee. Rangoli, Winter Mela and Sanskriti Week were great events to attend as well as to help run, making me appreciate the amount of planning and organisation that goes into HSoc events.

I’ve been playing Kho since I was 9, initially through my sports club. Not only did I participate in the game myself, I also helped coach kids and referee. Additionally, I’ve participated in national competitions organised by the Kho Kho Federation of England for the past 5 years. I was thrilled when I found out that our HSoc had a Kho team! I got involved from the start, competing at London Zone and then at Nationals, where we reached the quarter finals.

Playing Kho was a great experience this year and I would love to make sure it stays that way. I believe I have the Kho-mittment and foundations to further develop the sport at Imperial. For the upcoming year, I would like to create more awareness for Kho within Imperial. I’m passionate about the game and I hope to convey this in my sessions and during welcome dinner and freshers fair. I plan to have regular training to keep the Kho-mmunity alive and will contact other universities to organise friendlies.

Imperial Kho is on the rise. I want to Kho-ntinue this journey and bring the cup home!