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Ritvik Shyam

Hindu Society: Education and Bhakti Officer

Firstly, a huge namaste to all my hard-working Imperial friends :)

This is Ritvik Shyam, a first-year undergraduate student studying Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Ever since I joined Imperial, I have been able to attend almost all Hindu Society events and I have also had the wonderful opportunity to conduct two chit-chat sessions, one during Sanskriti week and one during the Hanumanji visit!

I am running as your Education and Bhakti (SANSKAAR) office for two principal reasons - one to utilize my 6 years of experience of being involved in the philosophical and spiritual study of our scriptures such as Ramayana, Mahabharatha, the Bhagavatham, and the Bhagavad Gita (some of the best scriptures I've ever studied!) to enable a variety of discussions on a range of topics that concern Hinduism. Secondly and more importantly, my aim is to bring out all YOUR insightful, diverse and deep thoughts and truly make Hindu Society a platform of well-informed, young adults.

If I were to be elected to this position with your blessings, I will truly strive to bring out the meaningful philosophical and spiritual wisdom of Hinduism and also facilitate regular discussions and forums where YOU will get to learn from each other as well as spread your knowledge and perspectives in the various Hindu Soc events organized by our amazing committee! As always, I shall be available to try my best to address and discuss any of your queries, thoughts, opinions!

Dhanyavaad mitron and see you all soon :D
Love and regards,
Ritvik Shyam