Photo of Ayse Caglayan

Ayse Caglayan

Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières: Vice President: Events

Being new to committee, and having been basically off the radar beforehand, I can honestly say I am very glad to have joined such a wholesome group.

I have supported and also had a lot of fun at our fundraisers, most notably the last bake sale where we had a minor leak all over the street, a hot chocolate explosion and I boiled milk in my kettle and proceeded to break it and potentially could have given myself metal poisoning. However, this has not been enough to put me off, and I will continue to help out in fundraisers to come!

I particularly enjoyed Missing Maps and the Sustainability conference, where I was once again inspired by MSF’s life-changing work. These events act as a reminder as to the importance of our efforts in fundraising and raising awareness and I would like to be part of encouraging all committee members to attend.

I have been involved in genetics society, where regular and prompt communication has been key in successful outcomes, and something we should continue to aim for at FoMSF. Through OpenMinds, I have gained experience in organising lessons and coming up with creative ways in which to deliver them, and these are skills which I can see myself using when we brainstorm more exciting events!

If on committee, I will remain a reliable and communicative member, and I will always be passionate about MSF. But I am also keen to take on more responsibility and get involved next year.