Photo of Sebastian Mitchell

Sebastian Mitchell

ICSMSU: Vice Chair (Sports and Arts)

My name’s Seb and this year I would love to be your Clubs & Socs Vice-Chair (Sports & Arts). Ever since I joined imperial one thing that stood out to me was the endless opportunities to get involved in sports and art societies. They’re a key part of the student experience, whether that be running around playing sports or performing a musical to an audience. As somebody who has got involved in many sports and arts societies (Social Sec & 24 Producer Light opera, General Committee Mary's Gym, member of IMRFC and ICSM Water Polo), this is something I have loved being a part of at ICSM and want the opportunity to give back to it.

If I were to be elected, I would act to achieve the following:

1) Aim to try to get everyone involved in at least one sports or arts society and highlight the supporting benefits that come with joining

2) Reach out to all sports & arts societies to provide the opportunity for informal meetups throughout the year; addressing any problems or needs they may have - no matter how small!

3) Make sure the clubs and socs room gets the tidy up it needs; to allow clubs to store and find their kit easily

4) Carry on with the use of the clubs and socs social media platforms as a way to highlight events and the benefits of joining different societies (e.g. written posts or sit down 1-minute video from members of the societies)