Photo of Rayyan Islam

Rayyan Islam

ICSMSU: Secretary & Communications Officer

Hey, I’m Rayyan, and I'd like to be your new Sec&Comms Officer!

ICSMSU does extraordinary work to improve your student experience, but more transparency is key. I know their impact can feel unclear and distant to you: decreasing the distance between you and the SU, and improving communication are essential to a better ICSM next year.

So, how am I going to do that?

I plan to:

- Overhaul the SU website: There's so much potential here, and it’s time for modern changes in line with 2020. I have the technical expertise to make it both functional, and actually useful for ICSM. My foremost priorities are a functional redesign so it finally looks as professional/modern as ICSM deserves, and integrating both events and social media in a practical hub that shows what’s going on in ICSM, and what the SU is up to, organized for your convenience.

- Continue Zoha’s high standard of social media, with a strong, increased focus on showing you the work the SU does for you and ICSM, and who's involved in what, to make the SU as approachable as possible from the get-go.

My time as an Academic Representative has given me a great deal of experience in liaising with faculty and communicating with the student body, but it's especially confirmed to me that I’m incredibly passionate about giving back to ICSM on a larger scale. Clarity, transparency, and modernity are the key to a more effective SU, and I guarantee I’ll get it done right.