Photo of Itziar de Pedro Sarasola

Itziar de Pedro Sarasola

Design Engineering: Brand Manager

What is DesEng? Does anyone even know? We are the fun course at Imperial, the family of sometimes-artsy-creators and sometimes-calculating-machines, or simply the ones with the cool building. Whatever the description, we all feel part of this welcoming community, we all share an identity. My name is Itziar de Pedro. Yes, I’m a fresher and I’m running for the Brand Manager role. Why? Because I believe that we need an image, a way of expressing ourselves to the rest.

Back home, in Spain, I had experience creating merchandise and clothing and when studying abroad in California, I was part of my school’s Journalism Staff where I first learnt to create engaging graphics and visually impactful content. I am enthusiastic and very passionate and I would love to be part of DesSoc’s marketing team. It would be a great honour to in charge of coordinating the society’s brand. Will you help me?