Photo of Emilio Severi

Emilio Severi

Design Engineering: Brand Manager

My aim as the Brand Manager is to:
-Increase our presence outside of Imperial through merchandise and advertising.
-Create merchandise that reflects our design ethos.
-Branch out our merchandise and possibly sell it outside of university (either online or through partnership with museums).
-Create new partnerships and relations with companies to facilitate our events (for example: having wine company sponsor Cheese and Wine night).

I’m the best person to facilitate these goals with my experience as manager of my experimental underground restauraunt, managing the brand through Instagram outreach and digital logo branding. Additionally, I also have proven experience in creating partnerships through securing sponsorships from local beer companies for the "Annual Charity Football Game" between DesEng students and lecturers.

I believe that my ideas and experience would make me a great Brand Manager, and I hope I get your vote. Thank you!