Photo of Anais Engelmann

Anais Engelmann

Design Engineering: Brand Manager

Hi, I’m Anais from DE2! With deseng being the self proclaimed exciting and fun course at Imperial, our society's branding has a big part to play and I believe I would be able to help continue this. I love doing graphic design projects in my free time (self promo @theurbanpickles on insta) and want to bring that enthusiasm to des soc and carry on the strong branding they’ve created. I’d want to collaborate with the digital media manager to create engaging graphics for social media, whether that’s to promote an event, showcasing student work or maybe sharing relevant design engineering related info and news etc. I also really want to get the des eng merch up and running (fleeces..? Maybe some more laptop stickers). As your brand manager I would put my creative clouding to the test and hopefully create some pretty neat stuff :-)