Photo of Qingchen Qiao

Qingchen Qiao

Women in Business: Marketing Manager

Hi! I am Tiffany, a 1st-year design engineering student.
In the coming year, I wish I would become the Marketing Manager and share our interesting events with you !

If elected, my goals are:
• To increase the frequency of posts
• To increase the number of participants

I believe, I am well-suited for this position due to following reasons:
1. Relevant experience
In high school, I was the chairperson and committee member of several clubs. These experiences highlight my competence in promoting my society as well as the events being held.

2.Design skills and ability
My course has equipped me with the required skills and knowledge in using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.These skills allow me to design appealing posters and attract more participants!

I sincerely hope to promote our club and its activities to attract more Imperial's students.
Please vote for me!