Photo of Orlagh Flanagan

Orlagh Flanagan

Women in Business: Head of Events/Sponsorship

My name is Orlagh and I am running to be next year's Head of Events/Sponsorship of IC’s Women in Business. I am in my third year of my Biological Sciences with French for Science degree.

Last year I took an interest in business, more specifically strategy consulting with the end goal being to specialise in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. I am currently on the hunt for an internship, having secured a final round interview at Oliver Wyman, however, I did most of my research and preparation on my own. I would like to help give other women their best shot at achieving their goals.

I think that ICWB provides the perfect platform for helping like-minded individuals succeed although the society has not yet reached its full potential. Below are a few of the things I would work towards changing if elected:

• Keep the Facebook page and email active to notify all members of upcoming events.
• Work hard to find new sponsors in order to host more events and to increase subsidisation of the events.
• Organise socials to get to know each other better and create a close-knit family!
• Work in conjunction with the WB societies at other universities when planning events as well as the Business and Finance Societies at Imperial.
• Invite speakers with different backgrounds and experience to panel discussions and presentations.

Thanks for taking the time to read my manifesto and I would be very grateful if you consider electing me for this role.