Photo of Rahul Gupta

Rahul Gupta

Physics: Departmental Wellbeing Representative

Physics is a hard enough course as it is let alone the added pressures piled on us by Imperial and our everyday lives. Being part of the physics wellbeing network this year as the 3rd year rep, I have already begun to make an impact, most notably in organising the LGBTQ+ Movie Night. I am particularly passionate about helping the LGBTQ+/Ally network become more visible and active in our department.

Below are just a few of the many motions that I’d like to help move forward as dep rep:

• Working towards normalising conversations about mental and physical well-being.
• Openness and better provisions for those with learning difficulties.
• Working with dog charities to organise regular dog therapy sessions throughout the year.
• More multicultural events celebrating the growing diversity within our department.
• More LGBTQ+ events.
• More socials and more non-alcoholic events, e.g. games nights, trampolining, movie nights etc. acting as de-stressing activities throughout the year.
• Ensuring every first year feels welcome and experiences a successful transition.

As someone who has previously struggled with mental and physical health at Imperial, I feel that I am the perfect candidate with the understanding and empathy to help work towards creating an environment where we can speak openly about our experiences.

Vote Rahul for Physics Wellbeing Dep Rep for someone who will fight for your say in YOUR physics department, for someone who will put as much time as possible into the role, for someone who wants to make the department a better place for all.