Photo of Leah Camarcat

Leah Camarcat

Civil & Environmental Engineering: Departmental Wellbeing Representative

Have you ever felt down ?
Have you ever wondered who you could talk to about it?
Have you ever wanted to voice your stress to make things change ?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you should vote for me as Wellbeing representative. I believe that this role holds so much opportunity to improve everyone’s wellbeing and voice the concerns of students. It could become an important link between the students, the department and Civsoc.

This role would enable to organise social events so that people are more engaged in Civsoc. This would encourage everyone to support each other and continue to foster a community feel in the department. In addition, I have a lot of ideas and want to take both small and big initiatives that could have a true positive impact on the department.

So don’t forget to vote for me !