Photo of Chloe Lau

Chloe Lau

Computing: Marketing & Publicity Officer

Okay, so who is this girl? The one who started the Fresher's Discord? That Asian girl that chats to everyone? Yea that's me!
I'm Chloe and I love going to DoCSoc events (who doesn't), so I decided to run for Marketing and Publicity Officer in order to:

1. Help publicise the already fantabulous events DoCSoc has to offer as early as possible;

2. Produce more awesome DoCSoc and ICHack branded swag for everyone, and;

3. Make everyone fully aware of the amazing things DocSoc has to offer via Social Media platforms.

Communication between members is crucial, and as more and more types of media platforms arise, I will ensure everyone will be informed of all our oppurtunities and increase the engagement between different years, courses and make our experience at DoCSoc and Imperial fruitful.

Having previously gained experience being part of the organising committee for IC Hack 20 Swag, Branding and Publicity, working in IC HealthHack 20, taking over Imperial's Instagram for Publicity and Student Exposure, as well as running the DoC blog, I believe that the skills I’ve gained from these roles makes me suited to help DocSoc run even more bigger and awesome events as Marketing and Publicity Officer!

Vote for me, Chloe, for M&P!