Photo of Puja Soneji

Puja Soneji

Design Engineering: Workshops Manager

For those who don't know me, hi. I am Puja from third year.

A very strong benefit of this course is the breadth of disciplines that our curriculum exposes us to. The wide variety of subjects offered to us makes the experience here engaging and exciting. I believe workshops can help in enhancing our abilities and give even further exposure to areas beyond what the curriculum has to offer. They should be seen as an opportunity for both refining existing skills and learning something new. As a workshops manager, I would reach out to people in industry who could lead skills events. I envisage workshops in digital art and ideation and have a few existing contacts who could help this happen.

What Deseng does best is learning through collaboration. I want to set up more frequent student-led workshops where we can acquire new skills through our peers. Learning the basics of using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi prior to the Gizmo module, for example, could enable students to be more confident and ambitious with their projects. Portfolio workshops and crits can provide a practical opportunity to improve our chances of employability.

I am an organised individual who is good at communicating and making things happen. I believe there should be a greater emphasis on workshops next year to add more variety to what we can do.