Photo of Suraiya Haddad

Suraiya Haddad

Clinical Genetics: Academic Officer


My name is Suraiya and I'm running to be our Academic Officer.

I have held key committee roles for Genetics soc over the past two years as co-Chair and Speaker Co-ordinator. I have loved seeing how the society just keeps on growing and I am keen to play a pivotal role in its continued success.

Our tutorials are a huge part of what we do a society and key to raising our profile, I am very good at securing turnout for our events (both from my previous roles on committee and as hall senior I'm used to the publicity and admin sides of running events.) I'm keen for us to expand out to OSPE and OSCE tutoring for our members as well a continuing to improve turnout at our exisiting tutorials. Having both attended genetics tutorials and taught them I know how valuable they have the potential to be.

To complete this role successfully requires organisation and commitment, both of which I have demonstrated in my committee roles over the past few years.

Vote Suraiya!