Photo of Rose Kurian Thomas

Rose Kurian Thomas

Clinical Genetics: Academic Officer

My name is Rose Kurian Thomas and I am co-running for the positions of Academic Officers with Mrinalini Panthula.

I am the current Academic Officer for the society. I thoroughly enjoyed my role developing educational platforms for my very own peers and remain very keen to build on this experience. I believe I have contributed to the team with quite novelty. For instance, to provide optimal quality in what we offered, I arranged meetings with course leads to obtain accurate information on changing curriculums for recruited tutors. One of the biggest challenges faced in first term was maintaining adequate numbers of tutees for tutorials. However, we overcame this issue through 1) collaboration with different societies 2) alteration in structure of delivery of tutorials. As a result, there was around 3 times increase in attendance. Despite these achievements, I understand the incessant space for improvement and if given the opportunity will ensure those areas of improvements will be followed up on and tackled.

Nonetheless, being Workshop Co-ordinator for Meeting of Minds Conference I had a hands-on role in planning and coordinating conference workshops for delegates- one of the pivotal features of the conference. Thus, I have a clear understanding of the logistics undergoing organisation of externally run events, importance of thorough liaison and the need for comprehensive organisation beforehand.

Therefore, I believe we have a realistic comprehension of the what the role entails, the relevant skills and experiences to be the ideal candidates for Academic Officers. So vote Rose and Mini!