Placeholder candidate photo

Mrinalini Panthula

Clinical Genetics: Academic Officer

Hi! I am Mini, and I have held the position of Academic Officer along side Rose Thomas this year and we would be honoured to run for this position again next year. As academic officers, we have been able to successfully arrange for student speakers at this year’s annual conference as well as run first and second year tutorials on genetics and cancer. This role required a lot of commitment, organization and pro-activeness; we created helpful tutor packs and organized a briefing session to support the tutors and allow them to deliver useful tutorials despite the syllabus change.
I have shown a lot of interest in Education and Teaching during university, which includes leading a NAGE tutorial for Clinical Genetics Society in second year, furthermore, this year I have been involved in leading tutorials for MM and Vision as well as weekly OSPE sessions. From this experience, I have understood the importance of feedback and how to use it effectively to develop future tutorials, so they are more tailored towards the needs of students.
As a Play Team Leader, and Logistics Officer for Paediatric Society’s annual conference, I have developed key leadership and team-working skills which are transferable to this role and will be extremely valuable when helping organize next year’s conference
I believe these skills and prior experiences will make us ideal candidates for the role as Academic Officers and we hope to be able to carry on adding to the Clinical Genetics Society legacy.