Photo of Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith

Clinical Genetics: Research Coordinator

Hi, I’m Olivia and I’m running to be the Research Coordinator of Clinical Genetics Society. I am applying for this role as I want to become a more active part of the society and to play a part in continuing to develop this society.

This year, I gave some of the genetics lectures for Year 1 Medicine students which I particularly enjoyed. This gave me an experience of playing a more active part in the society and inspired me to run for this role.

I have experience in working in a research-based environment and as Academic Rep of Year 2 Biology, I am in frequent conversation with many of the academics in the department. Therefore, I have the capabilities to network with academics in particular and also understand the demands of working in a research-based environment. I will use these skills to ensure that you are secured with research projects and opportunities.

As not medicine but biology based, I believe I have a large number of contacts in the field of medical and biological research which I will be able to use to my advantage in this role.

Additionally, I am a confident and friendly person which I believe will enable me to talk to students and help to match students with research roles.