Photo of Aishwarya Varanasi

Aishwarya Varanasi

Materials: Magazine Officer

Hello lovely voters! I’m Ash, a 2nd year Materials student. I am running to be your Magazine Officer.

Firstly, here’s your *future* Magazine Officer’s CV:
• 8 years of Microsoft Outlook experience (shall email students and lecturers to write articles)
• 14 years of Microsoft Word experience (shall plan, proofread and provide advice to emerging writers)
• Loves language and writing
• Willing to pour her soul into doing justice to the high standards set by Amy and Disha in the past

Being a contributor for the MatSoc Magazine editions this year, I was amazed by how much I learnt by merely reflecting on my own experiences while writing articles. As I am keen to explore the editorial side of writing, I want to take this wonderful opportunity of trying to make language fit others’ needs while simultaneously analysing and absorbing others’ experiences. I firmly believe that this would be a great opportunity for me to get more involved with MatSoc and the Materials Department while learning newer things in the process.

Having seen Disha tirelessly research potential article topics and work with contributors to produce our MatSoc Magazine; I have seen that she has worked towards greater engagement from everyone in the department (from current students, alumni, PhD’s and even visiting students). I would like to help grow this platform of materials communication further by encouraging more engagement from across all years.

Thank you for your patience ! I hope I can be your Magazine Officer next year !