Photo of Rishil Patel

Rishil Patel

Electrical Engineering: Publicity Officer

Hey, my name’s Rishil and I'm a 2nd year EIE student running to be EESoc’s next publicity officer.

Over the past year and a half being part of EESoc, I've thoroughly enjoyed all of the events that it has hosted such as:
- Sushisamba
- Pub Crawl
- Curry Night, Movie Nights
- New Years Dinner
- EESoc Poland Trip
as well as the many insightful IndustrEE talks that took place.

Enjoying myself at these events has made me want to be part of the committee that works hard to make them successful.

Many people know I am very thorough when it comes to letting them know what’s going on, where to be and what time to be there - kind of over the top but I think that is a perfect quaIity for a Publicity Officer. I will make sure you know WHAT and WHERE and WHEN events are happening!

Another few reasons to vote for me:

- I am very skilled at using social media, and I will make sure the EESoc instagram is much more active.
- I will be very engaging through social media (polls, questions, etc) and promote and publicise the EEE spirit and hype, not just at (some of the best) college-wide events but also within the department itself.
- I won't spam you with 5 correction emails every time ;)

EESoc has been such an important part of my time here and I am ready to give back!

Thank you,
Rishil :)