Photo of Lorenzo Versini

Lorenzo Versini

Robotics: Equipment Officer

My name is Lorenzo Versini and, as you can see, I am running for Equipment Officer for the year 2020-2021.

My first contact with ICRS was during my first year. My brother told me about this magic place, where you could find tools and space to develop your projects and your ideas freely, and I decided to find out more and to try it out.

My job as Equipment Officer, will be the one of ensuring that anyone else who wants to carry his projects out in this wonderful place, can find a well equipped and efficient workplace. In many ways, this is already the case. However, sometimes the inventory can be disappointing: whereas you can find loads of 3D printers and soldering stations, the lab's collection of very basics components such as resistors or OpAmp can sometimes let down.

At the end of the day, who really defines what is useful and what is not, it's you; hence, my first concern would be to understanding what you need. I would do it by trying to enhance the means you can express your preferences, so that ICRS can shape better around you and really be that place where our ideas become alive.