Photo of Joshua Lim

Joshua Lim

Robotics: Equipment Officer

Hi everyone! I'm Joshua from EIE. Having participated in the ICRS SumoBot competition this year, I have experienced (and I'm sure many of you can agree) how good lab facilities are critical in supporting members' robotics endeavours.

Our Robotics Lab already boasts a wide array of rapid-prototyping equipment like 3D-Printers and a Laser Cutter. One of my key goals is to minimise their maintenance downtime and ensure maximum uptime for everyone's use. I also aim to expand our (already good) soldering facilities by getting a wider variety of soldering iron tips to support the soldering of surface-mount components.

Having been responsible for the Logistics of my Robotics Club in high school, I had to manage the Club's inventory and order parts for competitions.

Solid facilities and logistics support is the backbone of any Robotics Society. Having a well-equipped and well-supplied Lab, where members can pursue their robotics endeavours without needing to worry about a lack of tools or basic parts, is my dream, and I will strive to turn it into reality.