Photo of Alexandru Oprea

Alexandru Oprea

Robotics: Equipment Officer

Hi! I am Alex! You might have seen me around working on one of my drones or some other interesting project (including gutting my laptop). I decided to run for the position of Equipment Officer to help the difficult process of managing the lab resources. I consider the present arrangement of the lab to be intuitive and easy to use, but I want to further improve it by better-distributing tools and lab equipment in the areas where they are more likely to be used. This small change would encourage people to tidy up after they finish their work and reduce the time wandered in the lab looking for the perfect tool. I also plan to implement some 3 d printed tool holders that would better help people find what they are looking for and let the committee members find out what is needed.
As a 3D printer owner, I can help diagnose any problem and even fix the lab printers. I am now a hall senior in Parsons House where I organize activities and buy items. In this position, I have gained experience in using ICU platforms. Moreover, as an EEE student, I am familiar with the lab equipment as it is similar or the same as the one in the electronics laboratory.
I want to be part of the ICRS committee because I consider the robotics lab the best place to focus on projects and to meet amazing people totally devoted to engineering.