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Allan Lee

CGCU: Treasurer

Hi! My name is Allan, a second year biomedical engineering student and also the treasurer of the Bioengineering Society. My experience of being a treasurer dates back when I was in secondary school societies and also the treasurer of my secondary school's student association, watching over an accumulated fund of £55,000, and raising £1,400 for charity in Christmas Ball. I hope that I can carry on the foundations laid by past treasurers, be an integral part in one of the constituent committee, giving you the best that you can enjoy in bigger CGCU Welcome dinner and social events(I am gonna actively ask for more social events to be held so that people from different engineering disciplines can know each other) and (of course!!) in hopes of bringing upon more welfare events as well.

I am familiar with the process like asking for sponsorships, claims, purchase orders, drafting annual and event budget. What I learnt from taking up this post, it is that how the CGCU treasurer is an important bridge between CSP treasurers, in speeding up financial authorisation procedures or checking paperworks before it was processed by the union, and I would be more than willingly to be that bridge.

My goals:
- With the skills that I have learnt from secondary school, reach out for more sponsors for EVENTS !
- Further improvement in efficiency while approving financial requests for CSP
- Carefully work out the best I could do for event and annual budget
- Proactively reach out to CSP treasurer