Photo of Nicholas Pfaff

Nicholas Pfaff

Dance Club: Chief Salsa Officer

As someone who joined the dance club during their first week at Imperial, I can say that this has been the best decision I have made since coming here. I believe in the importance of having a good balance between the academic and social side of university. Our dance club enables me to achieve exactly this. My enthusiasm for social dancing just keeps growing which leads me to dance almost everyday of the week. None of this would have been possible without the supporting community of our club. I now want to give back to this community by getting more deeply involved in organizing our club and spreading my passion for dancing to new members.
I am confident that I have the qualities necessary for the role as Chief Salsa Officer. In the past I have been actively involved in student led societies. This includes having established a new society in my high school and having led a group, to participate in a robotics competition, as part of Imperial’s robotics society. Both required a considerable amount of perseverance, organization skills and teamwork.
Furthermore, I used to be an active member of a rowing team where one of my key responsibilities was to keep my crew motivated. This taught me how to spread motivation and ensure that everyone stays excited about the direction that we are heading into.
All of this will ensure that I will put in the work and enthusiasm to make the best out of my committee position.