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Angelos Artemiou

Dance Club: Team Captain (Salsa)

Hey everyone! I'm Angelos, but many of you might know me as the jumpy salsa guy that does EEE. As you all know, Imperial is a tough place to be at. However, this amazing club, teeming with positivity, skill and great people has been without a doubt the best thing that happened to me during my time here. The talent, perseverance and dedication I have witnessed this year has made Dance Club a force to be reckoned with among other unis. If elected salsa captain, I fully intend on maintaining the Club's reputation as the best, and even pushing it further, hopefully making Dance Club known on an international level. My experience from being a part of, and in 2016 having led the Karate team of my country (Cyprus) in international events has given me a taste of how hard leading a team can be, as well as providing me with the necessary skills to do so.

Finally, dancing is meaningless if you're not having fun. I plan on making the whole experience of preparing for competitions (and shows) as fun and meaningful as possible. After all, it's the journey that matters the most, not the destination.