Photo of Josh Kotecha

Josh Kotecha

Hindu Society: Culture Officer

Josh Kotecha (jpk18) & Shagun Bansal (sb3619)

You will have seen us around the sub-committee this year during Garba, Mandir trips, Rangoli and Sewa-Week, and the much loved Winter Mela Pani-puri stall!

We have both grown up around a multitude of festivals and ways of celebrating our culture – with Shagun living in 6 different parts of India and Josh travelling extensively across northern India over a gap year. Being exposed to diverse cultures, one of our principal aims is to create a more inclusive Hindu Soc, celebrating regional festivals such as Durga-Puja, Gudi-Padwa and Pongal. Shagun’s experience in drama production is a major strength in our proposal to celebrate the tales of our cultures – through productions of Ramlila and other stories!

Culture pervasive source of comfort, thus another proposal is to increase the social and philanthropic support from the society. From Games/Antakshari/Chaat nights to supporting students cope with the stresses of University life; we would make sure everyone really feels part of a community, and always have a ‘home away from home'.

Both of us are best mates, work well together and believe our approachable and sociable characters are important in working with other members of the society. Our previous leadership experiences as ambassadors for the University, student councils and charity committees give us a strong foundation to build upon.

We promise to work hard to continue the great work done and introduce exciting events to grow Hsoc; not just as a society, but as a big family!