Photo of Rachel Ong

Rachel Ong

Energy: Marketing Officer

My name is Rachel and I would like to be your Marketing Officer for the next academic year. I am a Geophysics student and was also a writer for the Energy Journal this year (I wrote about energy access challenges in the Small Island Developing States). I believe that the energy transition is one of the biggest issues of the next few decades, so I want to join the Energy Society committee to be more involved in the discussion at Imperial.

I really enjoy creating and designing, and have quite a bit of relevant experience in society committees. As Social Secretary of Geology for Global Development Imperial in second year, I designed all the event posters, Facebook event pages as well as created its Instagram page. In the year following that, I also created marketing content for a group led with some of my friends called the “Hack for Humanity Initiative” (we did a hackathon last term), where I designed the main logo, banner and posters for events which reached over 300 people.

As your new Marketing Officer, I will continue the good work of my predecessors by creating beautiful event pages and posters. I will also keep our website up and running with the latest updates. I’m really excited to get to know more of everyone at Energy Society next year and I will definitely do a great job, so vote me for Marketing Officer! :D