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Brian Ng

Malaysian: External Liaison Officer

Being part of such a supportive group with amazing people that I can look up to and push me beyond my comfort zone has had a profound impact on my personal and professional growth. With that said, I would love to contribute to the Malaysian Society in order to foster an environment and culture where significant career opportunities are available for both freshers AND seniors. I hope that with the support of all the members in MSoc, we will be able to achieve the following:

-Inclusivity of seniors in ICUMS

-Strengthening of the bond between seniors & juniors, and thus expanding Malaysian Society’s resources and support

-Improving companies’ willingness to sponsor MSoc

-Granting more opportunities for both freshers and seniors to obtain career insights and tips, and potentially internship/placement opportunities

Here are a few ways I plan to achieve the goals mentioned above:

-Making use of Graduan to approach sponsors

-Be more proactive in initiating ideas for engagement sessions with sponsors

-Target companies with more Imperial Alumni & work with ICAAM

-Increase companies' confidence in MSoc (further elaborated in separate manifesto)

-Integrate CV & Cover letter workshop into Career 101

-introduce an Internship Matchmaking Platform to selected sponsors and all members of MSoc (all year groups)

I believe with the support of the members of MSoc, we can bring in more career-orientated opportunities for everyone. With that said, I hope that my vision and competency gave you the confidence to put your trust in me to excel as an External Liaison Officer.