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Satya Johnson

Data Science: Vice President

Hi All, I am the current VP of ICDSS and Head of Talent Development in the previous year. The whole team of ICDSS has done great job this year. I have seen how the society has evolved in the last two years, including its size, activities, partners and obstacles along its way. One of the works that I have done this year is forging the collaboration with NHS.

If I am elected, I will keep making this society better to accommodate all of you. (Details: see below) The milestones that I want ICDSS to achieve are:
1. Equip all ICDSS members to have better career prospects in data science
2. Transform ICDSS into a society that brings good impact to wider societies

What will I do to realise them?
1. Bringing more internship opportunities via ICDSS’s unconventional way, through annual hackathon and projects from industrial and academic partners.
2. Bringing on-demand workshops and keep improving workshop series to cater members’ need.
3. Enabling practice by doing real projects.
4. Annual Hackathon.
5. Networking and recruitment events.
6. Support on interview preparation.

All other suggestions and ideas are welcomed. ;)